Trutichup, gw2, guild wars 2, sad, moment, trutichup rng, Metallurgic Dye Kit, gambling, gems, gold, spending gold for gem, trutichup, truti chup, trutichu, .. New to Guild Wars 2? How Do I Apply A Different Armor Dye In Game After Character Creation? Now I'm broke. Guildwars2 Ecto Gambling Data(Don't gamble, kids!) Karma to Gold | GUILDWARS2.ROCKS These drop vendor trash that sells for an okay amount of silver, and have a rare chance at dropping lodestones, which can be worth up to 2g+. They also drop karma items, so you can recoup some of your spent karma. However, this is not necessarily the best bang for your buck anymore, as the drop rate on lodestones is now much lower than ... Guild Wars 2 Ectoplasm - MMOGA

Ecto Gambling Data(Don't gamble, kids!) : Guildwars2

Ecto gambling definitely is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It's not a surefire win every time and your heart might skip some beats.I just want to see the gw2eff networth graph of this roller coaster. Easier to see when you were trending up or down after each session. GW2: Gambling Away One Eternity - 500 Subscriber… XD I have only gambled a few ectos at a time nothing like that.Was never sure it would be worth really trying.That is one big gambling dedication for ecto gambling...will add a giveaway: IkarosSK.4302 and will try to use the gold for some gambling too. GW2: From 200g to 2000g in 7 Minutes - Ecto Gambling