Use the customer data you have to significantly increase trader longevity and trade volumes via personalized proactive retention efforts. How to Make your Customer Support Team Rock - SoftSwiss An online casino is no exception, and most players do pay special attention to the quality of customer support. People who provide first line support play the role of shop assistants and are, in essence, the face of the casino. Customer Service to Players | SoftSwiss Software We can take on the task of providing 24/7 support to your players: via live chat and the feedback form on the casino website.

Degree 53 publishes report on best practices for online casino

Getting to Know Online Casino Bonuses | Players have a wide range of online casino bonuses to choose from. Everything from deposit matching, no deposit, percentage bonuses and much more! Online Casinos vs. Social Casino Games | Optimove Understand the differences between online casino gamblers and social casino game players. Proactive Customer Retention for Forex Sites | Optimove