Axle plates must be removed. The official BSA car block dimensions must be used for the scout class races along with the same axle slot positions. If you find the axle slot is not squared from the manufacturer, you may fill the slot and re-drill the axle holes. The BSA axle pin end points must be visible to prove there is no solid axles installed. Prairielands Council Pinewood Derby Rules (New Changes for ... Prairielands Council Pinewood Derby Rules (New Changes for 2016) BODY SPECS: R1. A. Width - Not to exceed 2 3/4 inches B. Length - Not over 7 1/8 inches C. Wheelbase – No More than 4 3/8 inches from center of front axle slot to center of rear axle slot, 7/8from one end of How to Polish Your Pinewood Derby Car’s Axles and Wheels ... The quality of your Pinewood Derby car’s axles and wheels may be the most important factor in building a fast car. Here’s how to choose and polish your car’s axles and wheels. Polishing Pinewood Derby Axles. 1. Start with a set of raw axles. 2. Can you tell the difference between the axles in the top row and the ones on the bottom? Pine-Pro Pinewood Derby Axles | Hobbymasters

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Fastest Pinewood Derby BSA and Machined Axles Polished, graphite-coated, grooved and bent axles Pinewood Pro's Pinewood Derby Axles are the only axles that have been Track Tested for speed using statistically valid experiments. Pinewood Pro axles were track tested with hundreds of test runs to prove that we have the best and fastest axles. PRO Axle and Wheel Alignment Guide - Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Kit. Pinewood Axle File. PRO 1.5 Degree Bent Steering Axle (1 axle) Better yet, drill the axle slot using our PRO Body Tool, which makes a perfectly straight axle hole. Alternately, our Precision Drilled Block has perfectly aligned axle holes because they were drilled with a drill press. ... Length and Width ... Pinewood Derby Rules Scout Division - • Cars must have been built during the 2019 Pinewood Derby racing season using an Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit. • Width, including wheels and axles, must not exceed 2.75 inches (6.99cm). • Length shall not exceed 7 inches (17.78cm). • of an ounce. Overweight cars must be Weight shall not exceed 5.0 ounces measured on a scale accurate Pinewood Derby Body Tool Axle Jig extended wheelbase