Jul 09, 2012 · Re: value of a slot machine There are so many people on CL who think these machines are worth $300 - $400 for a basic machine, they get really pissed when you make a realistic offer, then the thing stays listed for months on end. Antique and Vintage Slot Machines | Collectors Weekly The first nickel slot was created in 1893 by an inventor named Gustav Schultze, whose Horseshoes game paid two nickels if the wheel landed on one of ten horseshoes—customers got a free drink if they landed on a joker, and the remaining 14 out of 25 symbols were worth... Continue Reading Antique Coin Slot Machines, Machines, Slots, Casino

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How Much is My Slot Machine Worth - acapulcoforall.com How Much is My Slot Machine Worth, Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged borderlands-2 or ask your own question .how do video lottery terminals work How much money slot machine makes | Wink Slots That comes to $120 per machine per day, showing us the average machine downtown was earning just about 55 percent as much as a machine on the Strip. We can do that for pennies and dollars, too. In downtown Las Vegas, 4,529 penny slots earned $17,756,000, or $126 per slot per day, while 741 dollar slots earned $3,400,000 or $148 per day. How much would my slot machine sell for? | Yahoo Answers I know that slot and poker... show more I have this slot machine that has "draw poker" and "fortune" on it. I have tried to do some research on it but so far I'm not coming up with anything. I want to make sure how much I could sell it for before I place it on Ebay and possibly get ripped off for it.