May 25, 2017 ... Mary Jane Slot Canyon is one of Moab's hidden gems - the "trail" is a creek the entire way, which leads to a 30 ft waterfall. This is a great trail to ... Professor Creek/Mary Jane Canyon, Utah Professor Creek, also known as Mary Jane Canyon, is a short slot canyon ... The hike upstream is an easy walk, and very pleasant in summer as much of the ... Mary Jane Slot Canyon offers hidden waterfall | Apr 6, 2015 ... At the trailhead, you'll see a sign for "Professor Creek/Sylvester Trail," but do not follow that trail if you want to hike in Mary Jane Slot Canyon. Mary Jane Canyon and some Moab updates — Road it Up Apr 17, 2018 ... Driving on Ranch rd/BLM 98 to get to Mary Jane Canyon. .... (still our favorite hike in the area!) and this year, we discovered Mary Jane Canyon. ... 30 feet high split waterfall INSIDE the slot canyon because we ran out of light.

Apr 17, 2018 · The trail to Mary Jane Canyon is just across the parking lot by a no camping sign. The best info I found about it is on this blog (with photos of the trail head). The canyon walls get higher as you hike further into the canyon, and eventually will reach upwards of 100 ft.

The creek flows year-round, along a canyon (known as Mary Jane Canyon) which is shallow for most of its length but one mile of the central section becomes fairly narrow and up to 100 feet deep. The walls have interesting rock textures and colors, different to most true slot canyons as the rock is darker, harder and less striated. Mary Jane Canyon - Hiking - RootsRated Mary Jane Canyon hike is an 8.7-mile hike along streambed in a canyon that narrows to less than 100 feet wide with walls to almost 200 feet tall. At the turnaround, there is a double spouted waterfall caused by a large wedged rock splitting the water’s flow. Mary Jane Slot Canyon offers hidden waterfall | MOAB — Utah has a variety of beautiful mountain ranges and hills that make for a great pastime. If you are in the Moab area, the Mary Jane Slot Canyon offers a great hike you can try. Mary Jane ... Utah Hike of the Week: Mary Jane Canyon near Moab - The ... Mary Jane Canyon (and the accompanying Professor Creek) is becoming one of the Moab area's more popular hikes. The out-and-back hike ends with a three-story waterfall hidden in a slot canyon. The hike is dog-friendly and doable for school-age kids.